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The Make It Clear staff members
are blessed to have jobs which allow
Them to take trips like these every year.

Make It Clear Trips

At this time, all trips taken by staff members are taken at their own expense.

Brother Hugh, David, and Noel Neill

In November of last year, Brother Hugh and David were able to take a trip to California in order to help a friend celebrate her birthday.

While they were in the Hollywood area, they were able to see the Santa Monica Pier, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Universal Studios Citywalk, Chinatown, and many other sites.

Brother Hugh and David met in Texas and were able to fly the rest of the way together. Each leg of the trip, they were able to hand out tracts or share the Gospel as opportunity permitted.

In case you don't know who Brother Hugh and David are with in this picture, it is Noel Neill. She is the original Lois Lane on film. They are proud to be able to call this fine actress their friend.

If you ever get a chance to buy or look at Noel Neill's biography, There are two pictures of Brother Hugh in her book.

Brother Hugh at the Holy Land Experience

-President of Make It Clear Ministries, Brother Hugh, is pointing to a model of the temple which is part of the much larger model of Jerusalem at The Holy Land Experience Theme Park in Orlando, FL. This depiction of the city is set around the time of Christ.

Benjamin, Brother Hugh, Julia, and David

Last summer, Make It Clear staff members (Benjamin, Brother Hugh, and David)went to Walt Disney World in Florida. They were able to distribute well over 150 tracts. Also shown in this picture is Brother Hugh's lovely wife, Julia.

Brother Hugh and David in Metropolis

For several years now, the Make It Clear President and Vice President have been able to go to Metropolis, IL where they have been able to distribute many tracts during and on their way home from the Superman Celebration. The Celebration is held on the Second Weekend of June each year.

This June, several more Make It Clear staff members will be attending the celebration, and Brother Hugh will be performing a wedding at the Superman Statue on Sunday Afternoon. - We Hope To See You There!