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You now have two options for searching the online Bible. You can look up verses or you can listen to the Bible as you are on the Internet by clicking on this link.

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I hope that this online Bible helps you to be able to study the Bible better. Here are few instructions about how to use this Bible.

1. The top left box is where you can select which version of the Bible that you wish to use or you can choose to get your request in all versions listed.
2. The top right box is for if you want to look up a particular Bible verse (For example--John 3:16)
3. The bottom box is for if you want to look up a verse that you may know part of it but can't remember where to find it (For example--God loved world).
4. If you want to look up a verse in a different language, click on the words "Bible Gateway". You can look up a verse in nine different languages.

Good luck as you learn more about God's Word. Search The Bible

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