What makes a church good?

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What makes a church good?

People often ask me,what do I look for in a church to know that it is one that I should join? How do I know if it is a good church or not? What makes the difference?

I will attempt to give you some ideas about what to look for in a church.Please come back to this site in the future as I will be adding to this page as I have time. For now, here are a few pointers to look at when considering a church.

It must be a soul winning church. If they are not interested in bringing people into the Kingdom of God, don't waste your time with them. It doesn't matter how friendly or how many activities the church has. If they don't encourage you to invite others to the church or tell others how they may know how to go to Heaven they are not a church interested in God's work.

Here is something you may find interesting. The institute for American church growth asked over 10,000 people this question: "What was responsible for your coming to this church?" This is how they replied.

I had a special need.............2%
I just walked in.................3%
I liked the Pastor...............6%
I visited there..................1%
I liked the Sunday School........1%
I liked the programs.............3%
A friend or relative invited me..79%

They should give the gospel at every function that they have. From a Sunday morning service to a youth skating party. You never know when someone will be there that is just waiting for an opportunity to hear the gospel and accept Christ as their Saviour. The reason that any church should have any function is to bring people to hear the gospel. If they are not giving the Gospel for people to have an opportunity to trust Christ as their Saviour, they are no better than the social club down the street.

They should be a friendly church. It wont do any good for someone to come to a church if they don't feel comfortable there. You can't blame someone for not comming back to your church if you don't go over to shake their hand and tell them you are glad to see them (Of course you need to mean it). Most people can tell if putting on an act.

The pastor must preach at a level that you can understand. Don't be impressed by big words or anything else that is said in a service that you can't understand. Some preachers try to impress people with their education by using big words in a sermon. It is OK for a preacher to use big words if he will tell you what they mean. If he does this, he is educating you. A good preacher is not just one that can talk to the small child or to the college professor, but one that can preach to them both at the same time and they will both understand him and learn from what they are hearing. Remember that you can teach without preaching but you should never preach without teaching.

It should be a church where you would need to bring your Bible. If you are in a church where it wouldn't make any difference if you brought your Bible or not, you are probably in the wrong church. I visited a church one Sunday where the Pastor didn't preach from any scripture and he didn't quote any verses from the Bible. It was a feel good message that I could have heard anywhere from any motivational speaker.

How to get more out of church.

Here are some tips to help you to get more out of the church service once you find a good church.

Go there expecting to receive a blessing from the church.
Bring your Bible to church.
Read your Bible during the week.
Pray during the week and before church that God will bless the speaker. Also that God will open your heart and mind to what He would have you to learn.
Invite other people to come to church. Don't leave this up to the Pastor. This is the responsiblilty of every Christian.
Expect for God to work in your life.
Confess your sins to God so you don't have anything between you and God that will interfere with your relationship.
Have Bible studies with your spouce and children during the week.
Write down notes during the sermon so you can refer to them later.
Start preparing for the next church service when you leave this service.

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