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June 2009 NEWS

You can now download sermons from our radio page!

You can now listen to the New Make It Clear Minute broadcasts.
Click below to listen to a broadcast.
If you would like to download this mp3 file so that you can listen to it later on your portable device,
simply right click the link, click on "save target as," select the location you would like the file to be stored, and click "ok."

How Much Time Do You Waste?

100 Years From Now

Moses Reasons


March 2009 NEWS

Make it Clear Ministries is looking for Christians to join our

Make It Clear Ministries now has a message board. Please feel free to ask questions or give advice. Also, please tell your friends and fellow church members about it. We would like as many people to be a part of this as possible.


January 2009 NEWS

Online Store

Remember that Make It Clear Ministries has an online store. Please tell your pastor and your friends about it.
In addition to Tracts, we also offer Sermon CDs, Pens, and various other items. Please check it out!

***Anyone who orders using the Make It Clear Online Store will recieve a Bonus with their order.
(Because we offer FREE Shipping, please order at least $2.50 worth of materials if at all possible -Thank You.)