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HalloweenTracts for children and teens!

This is a childrens/teenager tract but will be good for anyone of any age. Halloween is not a Christian holiday and many Christians don't believe we should have any part in it. At Make it Clear Ministries we believe that it is best to take advantage of the children that want to come to your house for treats. Along with a treat you can give them a Christian gospel tract that will share the gospel with them. These children may never be taken to a church by their parents but may be able to receive salvation from a tract they may get from you. Please pray about how God would use this holiday for His glory.

Another favorite feature on this tract is that it has plenty of room for a church stamp on the back. Most every church can fit their name, address, phone number, Pastor's Name(s), and times of service with no problem on the back of this tract.

This tract was designed to give a simple gospel for the young and is Scripturally sound. This tract uses several Bible verses to present the Gospel. It also has a Sinner's Prayer on the back, just in case someone you give it to wishes to pray to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour, but can't quite find the words.

Here are some suggestions for this tract:

You don't have to limit this tract to the trick or treaters that come to your house. You can give it to anyone during the Halloween season.

  1. Leave this tract on the table for your waitress when the meal is finished.
  2. Give this tract to the repairman when he finishes a job for you.
  3. Give this tract to the "Pizza Guy" when he brings your pizza.
  4. Leave this tract in your hotel for the maid.
  5. Give this tract to a bellhop at a hotel or a "sky cap" at the airport
  6. Give this tract to the person behind the counter when you pick up your dry cleaning
  7. Give this tract to the cab driver along with your money
  8. Give this tract to the person at the drive-thru window
  9. Leave it with your tip when you eat at a restaurant. (Please leave a decent/good tip please)
  10. If you like this tract, or any other tract, you could give a copy to your pastor and see if he wishes to order more for himself/the church.
  11. If you have a church allows you to put tracts into the tract rack, you could place a few there for others in your church to use.
Outside of tract

The only treat that will last.

The inside and back of this tract read as follows:

Inside of the tract

What is your favorite thing about Halloween? The candy? Getting dressed up in a costume? Halloween parties?

These are all nice but they won't last very long. The day after Halloween most of these things will be gone. The candy won't last much longer.

God wants you to live in Heaven with Him. But there is a problem.

We all do bad things. We all do things we know are wrong (Romans 3:23). This is called sin.

Because we have sin in our lives, we can't go to Heaven to live with God. Because we have sin we have to go to a place called Hell. It is a really bad place where you don't want to go.

This made God sad because He loves us and wants us to live in Heaven with Him (Romans 5:8).

So God did something that only He could do. He came to earth as a man (John 1:1,14). His name is Jesus Christ.

He lived a perfect sinless life and then He died on a cross to pay for all of our sins so we could go to Heaven and live with Him when we die.

Three days later (1 Corinthians 15:4) He came back from the dead to prove that our sins were paid for.

God says that if we will accept this payment that Jesus made on the cross for our sins that we will become His children (John 1:12) and He will give us a home in Heaven so we can live with Him forever (John 3:16-18).

Would you like to go to Heaven to live with God? God did the hard part. All we have to do is accept what God has done for us and ask for His forgiveness.

Back of the tract

Here is a prayer that you can say to ask God to forgive you of your sins.

Dear God, I know I do bad things that are called sins and they keep me from going to Heaven. I believe that Jesus died for my sins so I can go to Heaven. I accept the payment that Jesus made for my sins and ask for your forgiveness. Thank you for giving me a home forever in Heaven. Help me to live a good life for you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen


Make it Clear Ministries

5823 Hwy 4 West Baker, FL 32531

Written by Brother Hugh Troyer

A new feature on this tract is that it has a QR code by the address and web site.

If you would like further Information please feel free to contact us at www.makeitclearnow.org

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