• Dollar Bill Tract
These $10 bill Tracts are made to look as realistic as possible. This is not real money, but a Gospel Tract made to look like real money.

If you like to pass out tracts, but get discouraged that you cannot give one to everyone, try some of these. I like to leave these right next to the bench I just sat on in the mall, at phone booths, movie theaters, THEME PARKS, and other public places where there will more than likely be a large number of people. Please NEVER leave this as a tip or with a tip... We don't want to offend someone who is not a Christian. I have been getting e-mails lately from upset people who are getting these tracts instead of a tip. Also, if you are giving one to a pastor or a missionary or someone like that, Please make sure to show them the written side before you show them the money part. We don't like to disappoint pastors, missionaries, or waiters/waitresses.

All you have to do is drop or place this tract in a place in a public place where someone is likely to find it... but be sure not to stay near it for too long, or you'll end up like Brother Hugh, who had someone chase him down the hallway of his hotel yelling... "Sir, You Dropped Your Money!!!" (It's nice that there are honest people in this world) This guy loved the tract so much that he wanted one for each of his friends.

This tract is perfect for:

  1. Youth Groups going on missions trips(to drop in the airport, hotel lobby and hallways, and even the restaurants you eat in.)
  2. Anyone who goes to the mall or out to eat. (Please remember not to put this particular tract with the tip)
  3. Families on Vacation (to drop at any THEME PARK, roadside attractions, restaurants, hotels and anywhere else you stop along the way.)
  4. Businessmen/Businesswomen(to leave here or there on the way to the office, in cabs, in subways, in train stations, in elevators at work, or even at the coffee shop.)

This tract is made to look like one of the $10 bills that started circulation in the 90's. This tract actually has the picture that is on the back of a $5 dollar bill. It also has some gold crosses instead of little 10's, a greek alpha and omega symbol and a Bible verse address on it. It has our website and address on this side and a blank spot for a church or organization to put their address on it. This was done to make it legal.

On the reverse side is a Scripturally Sound presentation of the gospel. (Much like the Heaven: Would you like to go there when you die tract, only on this tract, we only show the references instead of the entire verse.) This Tract Also includes a sample "Sinner's Prayer" This is just in case someone decides that what they do want to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour and cannot seem to think of what to pray.

*This tract is great for people who think that they can "work" their way to Heaven or "be good enough" to get into Heaven.

The Tract Reads as follows...

Disappointed? Don't be. You have just found something worth a lot more than money. There are some things that money can't buy. One of them is a home in Heaven. In order to go to Heaven, there are a few things you need to know.
1 Everyone is a sinner. (Romans 3:10, 3:23, Isaiah 64:6
2 Heaven is a perfect place where no sin can enter. (Revelation 21:27)
3 Nothing we can do will help us earn eternal life. (Isaiah 64:6, Romans 4:5)
4 Jesus made a complete payment for our sins on the cross of Calvary and offers us His righteousness. (II Corinthians 5:21, Isaiah 53:6)
5 We all need to accept Jesus as our own personal Saviour. (John 3:36)
6 You can know that you have eternal life. I John 5:13)

Here is a Simple prayer you may want to pray.

Dear Lord, I know I am a sinner, and that I can never be good enough to get myself into Heaven. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and the best that I know how, I accept the payment that He made for me. Please help me to serve you in my daily life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

If you would like further Information please feel free to contact us at www.makeitclearnow.org

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