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Pegs for the Old Testament

I am working on the pegs for the Old Testament. Right now I only have a few. If you can come up with any on your own and want to share them with the rest of us be sure to e-mail me and I will put them up on this page. I appreciate all of the help that I can get with this project. Good luck memorizing the Bible. Let me know how you are progressing with this. - Brother Hugh


Genesis / Daniel /


Topical System

Visual Symbol System

Digital Letter System

Pegs for the New Testament


  1. Boy,beast, and a home
  2. Because He rested from His work (vs. 3)
  3. Put apple back
  4. Be a fugitive and a vagabond (vs. 14)
  5. Boy generations (vs. 1)
  6. Build thee an ark (vs. 14)
  7. Bum rain upon the earth (vs. 12)
  8. Upon mount Ararat (vs. 4)
  9. Brethern saw not Noah (vs. 23)
  10. Babies of the ark (vs. 1)
  11. Boo Babel (vs. 5-8)
  12. Abe begins journey (vs. 1)
  13. Abe bids Lot leave (vs. 9)
  14. Abe before Sodom's king (vs. 17-24)
  15. Abe be childless not long (vs. 4)
  16. Abe, behold Hagar with child (vs. 11)
  17. Abe be made father of nations (vs. 6)
  18. Abe be not mad at Sarahs laugh (vs. 13-15)
  19. Buy bread, Angels in Sodom (vs. 1)
  20. Because they will slay me for Sarahs sake (vs. 11)
  21. Abe - cab for Hagar and Ishmael
  22. Abe go catch ram in thicket (vs. 13)
  23. Abe get a cave to bury Sarah (vs. 1-4)
  24. Abe go find a wife for Issac (vs. 1-4)
  25. Abe cojoined with God (vs. 8)
  26. Big well controversy
  27. Big meal for Issacs blessing (vs. 7)
  28. Begin traveling to Labons (vs. 1,2)
  29. Beg Rachel, get Leah
  30. Put spotted cattle in Jacobs fence (vs. 33)
  31. Pathway back to Bethel
  32. Put company in two, Esau comming (vs. 8)
  33. But take Jacobs blessing (vs. 11)
  34. Boy defiled Dinah (vs. 2)
  35. But Jacob now Israel (vs. 10)
  36. Badmouth brothers, Joseph sold (vs. 2,28)
  37. Bad news, Tamar played the harlot (vs. 12-26)
  38. But he refused his masters wife (vs. 8)
  39. Behave as butler, not baker OR Beef stew has new cook
  40. Beef perish with corn


  1. Come boy and eat - OR - Come pulse is better - (Pulse is vegetables)
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