David H. Troyer

Vedi, Vici, Scribo - I came, I saw, I wrote


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The Beginning

Thanks to the many people who have helped me become who I am.

The Beginning is the place I'll start.
With many words upon my heart.
So many things I wish to share
If any one around should care.

Words of wisdom, words of woe,
Tales of Hero, Tales of Foe.
Tales anew and tales forgot
Some are true and others not.

Though in this poem the words are few,
Upon this note, I'll say Adieu.
In the future I intend
Piece by piece my words to spend.

Reading poems or just a book
I hope for me you'll often look
Always watching for my work
For in the shadows may it lurk.

Whenever I see the flag go by
To all of the Men and Women in our armed forces.

Whenever I see the flag go by
It brings a teardrop to my eye
Watching those nearby stand
Who cover heart with ready hand
To show allegiance to their banner
In this old and sacred manner.

To see them stand it makes me proud
To be a member of the crowd...
And while the servicemen salute
Our nations pride can none refute.
And Silently they stand so still
That up my spine it sends a chill.

I'm glad for those who show their pride
That's how our country walks in stride.

“What's Your Local Library For?”

Books aplenty, books galore!
Books on peace, and books on war!
What's your local library for?

To learn of things you did not know,
And read of places you can't go.
To read of Custer's bitter end,
Or be Anne Shirley's bosom friend.

You can ride a raft with Huck and Jim,
Or climb with Jack on beanstalk's limb...
Talk with Scrooge and Marley too,
Or fight some crime with Nancy Drew.

You don't have to spend a dime,
To read as Sherlock solves a crime.
You can go write research papers
Or read a book with lots of capers!

There are so many things that you can do
At the Library that's closest to you!


“Our Lady of Liberty, Still Did She Stand...”
To all of those who helped in the rescue efforts or in any way at all on September 11th

Back in September, when the towers went down...
Many-a-faces they carried a frown.
Our nation decided that it was high time
To stop all their grasping for dollar and dime.

In but a moment, their neighbour was brother
And they took to the street just to aid one another
Many helped clean up and search through the rubble
And many a people came out of their bubble.

They realized that life is much more than just self..
And donated money that they had on their shelf.
Many went to church for the first time in years
And they cried unto God with all of their fears.

While all the commotion happened on shore
There still was a symbol to make our hearts sour.
For Our Lady Liberty, Still did she stand...
Proclaiming our Freedom throughout the whole land!


Oh! How books appeal to me!

Oh! How books appeal to me!
They pick me up, they set me free!
They open my eyes so I can see...
The places I could never be.
They talk of peace, they talk of war...
And things I've never seen before.

With the turn of a page, I just may be
At home with Mom, or lost at sea.
I can go wherever I should choose...
While reading a book, I have nothing to lose.
Books are so great when it rains all day...
It's almost like I have gone outside to play!
Next time you have no place better to be,
Just go read a book, It's like having life's key!

Special Someone

I know that God had someone special just for me...

I can know her only as my stunning bride to be.

And though we're not together yet,
I hope we will be soon.

For I think about her quite a bit,
At morning, night, and noon.