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Vedi, Vici, Scribo - I came, I saw, I wrote


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David's Books

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All Roads Lead to Rhyme

Genre: Poetry
Have you ever wanted to read a poetry book that was informative and easy to understand? If so, All Roads Lead to Rhyme is just the book for you. In this book, former middle school teacher and author David Huber Troyer has taken 72 of his previously unpublished poems and given a detailed explanation and footnotes for each one.

These poems cover a wide variety of subjects. They range anywhere from The Loch Ness Monster to love poems...there are even poems about everyday life.

There is also an introductory section which helps to ensure that the reader is able to both understand and enjoy each poem. This section includes hints for understanding this book, helps for teachers, and even tips on writing. If you like poetry that flows like Shakespeare, Seuss, and Berenstain, then this is the book for you!


I'd Choose a Fish

Genre: Children's
This is a story about a young boy and his dad as they go to a pet shop to find the perfect pet. Their adventure takes them all of the way through the store. The boy imagines what it would be like to own each pet before he finally reaches his decision.

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Tracts and Evangelism

Genre: Ministry
This book has tools for both beginners and
expert tract users.

What are tracts? How should I use them? Where can I get them? And what kind of tract should I use?

This book will not only answer those questions, but it will also give you ideas on where and how to give away tracts. This book is meant to answer most of your questions.

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Get a Free digital download of Tracts and Evangelism at Lulu.com