David H. Troyer

Vedi, Vici, Scribo - I came, I saw, I wrote


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Exciting New Author

David H. Troyer is a graduate of Liberty University, Clearwater Christian College, and Cochise College. David is from the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. In his free time, he and his family enjoy traveling, volunteering, and writing together.

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About David's Books

His children's book I'd Choose a Fish draws from his childhood memories and seemlessly blends poems in the same flowing manner of the Berensteins and Dr. Seuss.

David writes poetry that everyone can relate to. His first book, All Roads Lead to Rhyme includes poems ranging from love to computer problems and even includes Superman.

Tracts and Evangelism has tools for both beginner and expert tract users. This book is a valuable resource for evangelism and soul winning.

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