• Tract Ministry Page

    If you are interested in having a tract ministry or you want more information about tract ministries, check out this page.
  • Religion Tract

    Do all religions lead to the same place? This tract answers that question.
  • Thank You Tract

    When someone does something nice for you what better way is there to thank them than to give them the gospel?
  • Ten Dollar Bill Tract

    These $10 tracts are made to look as realistic as possible.
  • Illusion Tract

    This optical Illusion is the perfect "ice-breaker" when you are trying to find a way to talk to someone about the Gospel.
  • Heaven Tract

    What better way is there to get someone to think about where they are going for eternity than to hand them a tract like this?
  • Superhero Tract

    The target audience for this tract are people that love comic books and video games or people that go to the Superman Celebration and other comic-con type of events where people that love Superheroes would be.
  • Easter Tract

    The Easter tract was written for Easter but has a timeless message that makes it ideal to use all year long.
  • Halloween Tract

    This Halloween add a tract to the treats you give away.
  • Christmas Tract

    A great tract for the Christmas Season. It explains why we celebrate Christmas and gives the gospel. These tracts are good for people of all ages. Put these in your Christmas cards.


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